Lawn Care & Landscaping Services
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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn and yard makes every Treasure Valley home more beautiful and adds measurably to its value. For homeowners and tenants alike, an attractive yard is an asset that adds to quality of life and enjoyment of outdoor living. Creating and maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn, garden, and landscaping features, though, can mean a lot of work for property owners. Some of that work is heavy labor or requires expensive equipment, so yard and garden maintenance is often neglected. For busy homeowners and property managers, finding the time and energy needed to handle the task of keeping lawns and landscaping features looking great is always a challenge.

That's why lawn, garden, and landscaping jobs are some of the most popular services that customers request. Our network of lawn care and landscaping specialists covers the entire Treasure Valley, bringing expert, efficient crews to your property to keep your yard looking terrific at affordable prices. The cost of these services is more than offset by the improved appearance of your home and by saving your valuable time for other activities. It also eliminates the need to own expensive lawn and garden equipment.

Ada and Canyon County Residential Lawn Care Services

Thomas Taylor Home & Lawn have the professional equipment, knowledge and experience needed to handle every lawn care job. From creating a brand new lawn to complete maintenance of your existing lawn, one call to us is the first step to a beautiful, luxurious lawn that enhances your home.

Ada and Canyon County Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Professional landscaping makes a beautiful difference for homeowners and property owners in the Treasure Valley. Creating and maintaining attractive landscaping features makes your home unique and adds substantial value to your property. The landscaping professionals at Thomas Taylor Home & Lawn are experts in beautifying your landscaping, and can make your landscaping ideas come to life without all the backbreaking work. Call on us for:

The Treasure Valley's most Trusted Lawn, Garden & Landscaping Services

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